A trip through the Embassy of Untrue Reality

I won’t lie. The journey through the grotesque mockery of bureaucracy is uncomfortable at first – bordering to physically painful. Broken English and fumbling attempts to establish foothold in the fictionary realm, all the while trying to come up with less than inane answers to the questions you are peppered with.

When filling out the application for entry, only a few letters are available to spell out your name. To my chagrin the guy in front of me picks out M U S I C while my mental scrabble leaves me  S A U S A G E, which then remained my moniker for the evening. Well played, there……

The entire process was quite unsettling, though that might be the purpose. However, as one progress through the offices the fiction expresses itself differently. Instead of the slightly trite role-playing a  much more profound exploration of identity and archetypes emerges.

Along the way all the mental and physical faculties were awakened  in turn, and psychological, existential and identity questions are explored until you are deemed ready to enter full fiction.

At this point my initial resistance was completely gone – quite the feat from the embassy considering the sceptic i am. Inside the final chamber i was able to completely surrender myself to the twilight zone between dream and reality and felt safe enough to dwelve intimately into the transformative encounter.

Along the way the design of the process lured questions out of me, not as a premade lecture for me to learn, but as a genuine opportunity to reflect and asses myself, a birthhelp to questions needing to be posed and pondered.

I won’t tell you what – just invite you to explore it yourself. The embassy is open again tomorrow.

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Kære House of Futures,

Kan man skal man, og her er der tale om ændring i det politiske sprog som pt træder dødvande, for måske at springe ud af sin stramme form, og ikke være en gentagelse af sig selv, gentaget og ikke fornyet. Polititisk dialog er historie. I dag fornemmer man ingen vingesus som vover og tør forandring. Store lov forslag gør det ikke, en nær dialog gør det. I et multikulturelt samfund som DK er, er det dialogen og samtalens karakter der kendetegner det vi vil og tør.

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