What we do

In House of Futures we had a variety of professional and academic expertise  that we enjoyed to mix in all our larger projects. We did futures studies, performance art, design, communication, analysis and consultancy. We prefered to do inter-disciplinary projects which aim to co-create the desired future. Read about our projects.

Futures Studies

Strategy is inherently future oriented – plans point forward. The success of any strategy depends on what assumptions are made about the future state of not only the organization, but also its surroundings. So while the future can never be predicted, it certainly can’t be ignored either.

Our approach to futures studies is also exploratory and experimental, and we develop our own toolset by bringing performance art and strategies into futures studies. This is done to embody and expound scenarios, and allow participants to experience the future, not as a theoretical possibility but as a transformative process – living the future now.

With over 20 years of experience in futures studies, we employ traditional futures techniques such as backcasting, scenarios, megatrends, qualitative and quantitative analysis, delphi studies, and action research.

Performance art

By employing performance strategies, we immerse participants in an intimate environment, engaging the individual’s intuitive and poetic senses and allowing them to experience visions of the future tangibly in the present.

We synthesize the insight of futures studies with the expressiveness of performance, and this can take many forms – ritual, installation or intervention, but common to them is the opportunity to transcend habits and beliefs to cause lasting mindshifts.

With academic, artistic and practical experience in performance strategies, we continuously develop our methods and techniques – allowing ourselves to create new facets in futures studies.


Graphic design, concept development, design of new systems, and organizational design play a very important role in our work. Whether it is designing a significant event, a publication, a development project, or an urban landscape, we can do it.


Knowledge is valuable when put into practice. Ideas should be shared and not shelved. Our work always takes application and communication into consideration as an integral part of the process – not just as an afterthought. This means that we employ the power of knowledge networks and expert panels when faced with complex problems. Whether in traditional workshops and seminars, international conferences or intimate immersive installations, we are experts in facilitating the co-creation of knowledge.

We are also adept in traditional communication and execution. We provide expertise in content, art direction, and editing for many types of communication tasks.

Analysis and Consultancy

We provide preliminary research and analysis and facilitate the development of visions, values and strategies – whether aimed at the commercial arena, the political arena or anywhere at their intersection.