Dansk erhvervsliv har brug for det feminine

Af Gitte Larsen, kronik i magasinet Arbejdsmiljø nr. 4/2010
Flere kvinder i topledelsen er ingen garanti for, at dansk erhvervsliv får de nødvendige feminine kompetencer, der er brug for i udviklingen af vores arbejds- og erhvervsliv. Download pdf in Danish

Doing opportunities

By  Gitte Larsen, FO/Futureorientation
Seeing an opportunity is a small part of making it happen. Businesses need to
think about opportunities most systematically as they become more successful.
Too many companies are so focused on the goal they have set for themselves
that they will miss many new business opportunities on their way.
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To grow (Editorial in FO)

By  Gitte Larsen, FO/Futureorientation
Growth. We often think and speak of growth as a quantitative thing. In companies, we measure growth in money. In Denmark, fast growing companies – called gazelles – must have a growth rate of 20% a year for four years, or a doubling of turnover in the past four years.

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Danish of the future (Editiorial in FO, in English)

By  Gitte Larsen, FO/Futureorientation
The world is already integrated: capital, markets, products and production are all integrated. Patented in the US, made in China, bought in Sweden, consumed in Denmark and recycled in Mozambique. By now, the only things not integrated are we humans.
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Perks on the job

By  Gitte Larsen, FO/Futureorientation
Product development in the internal areas of companies is lagging, and it is not just the younger generation that wants more. Knowledge work requires much more than ever of the individual employee and fringe benefits will therefore evolve in the coming years and become even more intangible and work-oriented.
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Hot spots are energy

(interview with Lynda Gratton, in English only)
By  Gitte Larsen, Fremtidsorientering
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A life in first class?

(interview with Eileen Klitvad)
By  Gitte Larsen, FO/Futureorientation
Eileen Klitvad, coach, process consultant and psychotherapist, has lived a professional life many dream about. She was headhunted from one management job to another in large international companies, until one day she stopped to think. What is a job in first class worth when one starts to doubt who one really is and starts asking question such as who manages the priorities, what is important right and meaningful for me, and am I really so sure I am living my life in the most satisfying way possible? These questions were Eileen’s starting point for making new choices in her professional life, and she was ready for the consequences, because, as she says, “if you do not dare test your dreams and try different things, you will never know what makes you happy.” Today, Eileen is many facets richer. Read her story.
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CREDITS: All English articles are adapted by Allan Jenkins, Desirable Roasted Coffee. Art direction and layout by Martin Johansson Ngolo or Stine Skøtt Olesen, Nxt, in cooperation with Gitte Larsen. Photos by Ulrik Jantzen, Das Büro, Martin Johansson. Illustrations by Martin Johansson Ngolo and Stine Skøtt Olesen, Nxt.