Our newest edition of ISSUES was released in April 2012. It includes a scenario section about preferred futures for sustainable societies 2112 and a plethora of articles and comments on what the next 100 years will bring for mankind. Thanks to a range of expert contributors, this might represent the broadest, deepest and most long-term approach to sustainability today. Read it online.


“In 100 years – starting now” is an on-going conversation about long-term preferred futures for sustainable societies. It started as a one year project developed and facilitated by House of Futures and supported by the VELUX FOUNDATION. A Core Group of high profile Danish experts followed the project and a number of other collaborators were involved in the making. Read more at

Dome of Visions.

The Dome of Visions is about putting action into words and following through on new ideas in construction, curation and urban thinking and planing in a unique 1:1 experiment temporarily placed at different urban and rural sites. The dome intends to challenge and inspire sustainable solutions for the climate challenges to come and lives and breeds in the spaces-in-between of the city as an updated community center. Amongst other it offers a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue and sensuous