Visualizing Man-made world

Gammel Strand, the streets around the canal in the oldest part of Copenhagen, 2112. By Dominic Balmforth, architect, Susturb / House of Futures. 

Visualizing Man-Made World 2112. All outside surfaces are covered with a shallow film of water (asphalt was too expensive for constant repair in inclement weather and made urban flooding unmanageable). Water is bio- filtered and drained off to underground tanks which source urban cooling, heating and the city’s water supply. Personal (not private) transport (the blue) float smoothly and in constant flow. They are hop-in/ hop-out lily carts. Big white ferries (canal) for mass rapid transport (trans-urban/trans-regional) (left side of painting). All buildings stretch upwards to double their current height. Roof funnels capture rainwater for internal heating in the buildings, cooling and water supply. Internal forest on top of Thorvaldsens museum. This absorbs C0 and C02 and emits oxygen for use in all internal environments (= buildings, sky bridges and glass walkways). People are always inside. People are separated and protected from wild nature. Tame nature is man-made and cultivated to suit human needs; as are food, energy, water and air purifiers etc.