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January 2014
Content: Dome of Visions back in Copenhagen 2014, Leadership Lodge – a new network for holistic leaders, Future goals in social policy, Education of the future, Henrys Dream, New magazine about next practice in sustainability, Reviews, Thumbs up! Read it

October 2013
Content: New book about sustainability and growth and reception, Dome of Visions, The Velvet State, Thumbs up! Read it

April 2013
Content: The Future is now – come and see!, Thumbs up! Read it

October 22th 2012
Content: The outdoor exhibition “YEAR 2112”, House of Futures at this year’s Venice Biennale of Architecture, Sensuous Society – beyond an economic rationality, Flavours of the future!, What a treat: The book “I begyndelse var ordet” af Jørn Bie on sale, Thumbs up! Read it

October 2012
Content: The exhibition “YEAR 2112”, European meeting in Association of Professional Futurists, What a treat: The book “I begyndelse var ordet” by Jørn Bie on sale, Thumbs up! Read it 

September 2012
Content: Sustainable leadership for the 21st Century, House of Futures in Oxford, Invitation to 2112, Sensuous Society, Dreamoscope, Thumbs up! Read it 

July 2012
Content: Economy of the future, Sensing the future, New movies from ”In 100 years – starting now”, New blog: Economy of the Future, Thumbs up! Read it 

June 19th 2012
Content: The time is now…, Future Consumption: Make more use, ”Ask yourself…”: What is nature, human, and sustainability?, Thumbs up! Read it

June 5th 2012
Content:  ”Ask yourself…”: What is nature, human, and sustainability?, ”In 100 years – starting now” visits the conference ”Reduce…but use with Aarhus”, Moving issues, Thumbs up!  Read it

March 2012
Content: Future’s Day, Spring 2012: Launch of ISSUES 2 with the title ’This way, please!’, Articles and movie from the fourth ’In100Years’ seminar, Gross National Happiness reaches the United Nations Headquarters, Thumbs up. Read it 

January 2012
Content: Future Stolen, In 100 years – starting now, Innovate consumption!, 13.12.11 – against discrimination, “I begyndelsen var ordet”, Thumps up. Read it

October 2011
Content: Day of the Future 9th of November: Art Futures, Book Release and Reception: I Begyndelsen var ordet, Blog, New Facebook Page, In 100 Years – starting now, (Danish) oneliner of the month, Thumbs up to Solutions Journal. Read it.

September 2011
Content: Hostel for the Politically Homeless, House of Futures Press, Det Kolde Bord, Thumps up. Read it.

June 2011
Contents: About the “In 100 years” project, Boat trip with Future Mind Tours, Seven voices, The long run is vital, Video interview with John Fullerton, founder of Capital Institute, Free article: The Next Transformations, One liners of the month: To me “In 100 years” is …, Thumps up to Jan Rotmans, professor at Erasmus University of Rotterdam. Read it.

May 2011
Contents: One planet – many futures, New approaches in Policy Development, The Embassy of Untrue Reality, The political life of top executive (Den politiske topchef), Engagement og øretæver, Thumbs up to MCI Academy. Read it.

April 2011
Contents: Invitation to Future’s Week 2011: Not politics as usual, In 100 years: Re-working “sustainable growth”, Co-Create Construction, Sisters Hope at Goldsmith, New Article in the new Danish magazine “Culturel”, Thumbs up to The Ayni Summit!, Quote of the Month. Read it

February 2011
Contents: When wild cards rule comment by HOF, Beyond GDP (Grossly Distortet Picture), Follow our blog; Marwan Dalal, journalist from TV Europa interviewed HOF, Projects we do; Strategic teachers, Traveling Fictions, Thumbs Up!; Being a challenger is a state of mind! Quote of the Month. Read it

December 2010
Contents: The labyrinth of lost and found futures, Future out of sight comment by HOF, LifeSourcing, Invitation; “Mother Earth talks; Volcano inspiration and power”, Follow our blog; Beginners mind, Free article; Politics is big business, Thumps Up!; “Playing Seriously”, One liner of the Month. Read it