Other Story

Other Story is an independant film project. We collect stories and gather voices.

Jan is 19 years old and from Syria. We borrowed a car, to shelter us from the rain, and Jan told us about his love of music, singing, and how he dreams about becoming a citizen.

This is the third short-film in the series of Other Story films, dedicated to all the refugees and immigrants who face uncertainty every day around the world.

We met Elias from Syria, six hours after he had arrived on the Island of Kos together with 25 other refugees, on an inflatable boat.

Some hours later, without having slept, he sat down with us, and shared some of his reflections.

This voice belongs to Ali, whom we met on Kos, Greece, just after he travelled from Bodrum, Turkey, in a leaking boat. While waiting for some documents, we spoke to him about love, dreams and Iraq.