Madeleine Kate

Madeleine Kate McGowan, Partner Performance art and design, visionary, building communities, category-bending, poetry, contemporary music, movements and universes, visual editor and movie maker. Fiction Pimp, lecturer, musician and performance artist. Madeleine Kate is currently working on a series of intimate performances, which will manifest late March 2014. She is head Performance Designer and Art Director on the new performance art and music festival, Henrys Dream and describes her own mission as creating new opportunities and opening up dimensions to life that were always there, but many forgot how to recognize and materialize. She is guest-lecturer at Roskilde University, Performance Design, and has a broad experience in concept development, designing significant events, mostly in urban landscapes. Madeleine Kate is a celebrated movie maker, with an award for best musicvideo 2012 from Copenhagen Pix. She also creates documentation of events, latest from the project “In 100 Years – starting now”, for The Nordic Council of Ministers and various music videos. Co-founder of “Time and Space Died Yesterday”, The Poetic Revolution, Salon:Pissoir (music community), Fiction Pimps, Club de la Faye and House of Futures. Madeleine Kate is MA stud and has a BA in Performance Design and Visual Culture. m: +45 5399 1581 e: w: