Other Story

Other Story is an independant film project. We collect stories and gather voices. Jan is 19 years old and from Syria. We borrowed a car, to shelter us from the rain, and Jan told us about his love of music, singing, and how he dreams about becoming a citizen. This is the third short-film in the series of Other Story films, dedicated to all the refugees and immigrants who face

The Boarding School har åbnet sine døre

Gode stemninger på Inkonst. Frem til 20. september 2015 er kunst- og kulturhuset Inkonst i det centrale Malmø omdannet til en kostskole. Bag initiativet står Sisters Academy, og lederen af skolen, Gry Worre Hallberg, har etableret The Boarding School for at finde ud af, hvad der sker, når undervisning tager udgangspunkt i kunstneriske og poetiske aspekter. Allerede den første dag havde 30 personer ladet sig indskrive til både skole og

KINSKI – avantgarde cinema and performance art on the Danish countryside

At House of Futures we are well aware that visions for the future and ideas on overcoming demographic, ecological or national/international political challenges are not always created in strategic planning sessions. No, very concrete visions of the future will sometimes spring from journeys through unknown, yet strangely familiar landscapes; in a sudden strong sense of belonging to a place not yet created. This summer Inga G. Nielsen, one of the

Embodying Science in The Silver Frame

THE SILVER FRAME: At Science in the City The Silver Frame, developed by the performance artist, Michael Richard will unfold as an artistic basis for dialogue about the room and the way objects, bodies and knowledge behave and transform within it. Through performative interaction, the artist will guide the viewer in crystalizing materials and concrete questions as to how Art may offer itself as a perspective and method for Science?

Yesterday at TEDx Copenhagen

“My voice represents an alternative take on the sustainability and climate agenda. My argument is that something new is happening. Something that I term Sensuous society. The Sensuous experience is at the core of the aesthetic dimension, which has been under prioritized since the Industrialization – A tendency that has potentially been amplified by our current digital age. By aesthetic I do not only mean form or the way things