As performance activists in  Club de la Faye  Gry Worre Hallberg, Inga Gerner Nielsen, and Madeleine Kate McGowan, fiction pimps and partners in House of Futures are going to Bremen with the interactive performance-installation Dreamoscope (In Somnia é Veritas). The installation is manifested in collaboration with the Argentinian based performance group Hijas del Mal and is invited by the  Viertel festival.

The installation will open an absurd dreamy landscape for the people brave enough to loose themselves for a moment. A drowsy movement leads you into the imaginary; where the dream weavers are stirring thoughts, hearts and minds. Through poetic interactions, dreams will be collected, mapping a collective dream, the weave vividly growing, in the search for a new big dream to sprout. And at the last door, one will find The Dreamoscope – a three meter long kaleidoscope. But this is only for the ones who fall deep.

“We also live in our dreams, we do not live only by day. Sometimes we accomplish our greatest deeds in dreams” – Carl G. Jung (The Red Book; Liber Primus)