Søren Steen

Søren Steen Olsen, Partner Futures studies, backcasting and scenarios, policy development, research, analysis and reports, future economy, CSR and working market. Søren Steen Olsen is a futurist, policy strategist and co-founder of Public Futures and House of Futures. Originally trained as an economist, he has taught economics at the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School. Worked as a professional futurist at the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies for more than a decade. He has consulted, written and lectured extensively on a broad range of subjects including labour market, family patterns, international economics and futures studies. He specialises in political strategy and policy development. At Public Futures he has helped pioneer social innovation in Denmark, working with the Danish Ministry of Social Affairs, The Danish AIDS Foundation, Danner’s Shelter, DaneAge Association, various Danish municipalities, and the National Association of Join-In Centres, among others. m: +45 28448977 e: w: