Crowdsourcing Futurism

At futures week we asked our attendees to imagine the pressing issues in a world a 100 years from now, and we collected and compared the answers. While they may not be a precise prediction, they are a good indicator of the general expectations – and expectations mean a lot in guiding future developments.

The questions were:

What is the most important change in the next 100 years?

Many answers touched on new forms of collectivity and connectivity, a global oneness or as one put it: a heightened awareness of the planet as one world – not 1st, 2nd and 3rd world. The role of consciousness also appeared many times.

What will your grandchildren strive for in 2112?

Answers ranged from coherent complexity, To contribute with their competences in creating the good life in cooperation with others, to the deceptively simple – room!

What is the most important conflict in the next 100 years?

Here, the agreement was strongest: the access and distribution of ressources was paramount. Rich vs poor and the distribution of water, food and fuel. Or How much will the individual let go of to ensure mutual survival? While curbing our appetite for consumption is undoubtedly one of the bigger challenges we face, will it still occupy us in 100 years, or could it be a more immediate concern. If so, what comes after?

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