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25% of all-time global GDP produced since 2000 – true!

About a year ago, The Economist produced a graph which has been making the rounds. It depicts the development in global economic output over the last 20 centuries, representing the output of each century as a percentage of combined output

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Rio+20 og politik fra neden

Forud for Rio+20 skrev Elinor Ostrom denne kommentar: Green from the grassroots. En kommentar, som rækker videre end til blot denne konference. Ostrom laver en elegant syntese mellem på den ene side nøgterne forventninger til hvad FN-systemet og globalt bindende aftaler kan

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ISSUES 2 er nu online

ISSUES 2 summing up the project is now online. Read more about the magazine and the content. April 19. 16.00-18.30 Launch of ’issues 2’ It’s 160 pages about sustainable development in a 100 year perspective. 170 visionaries took part in

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Nye Ideer Om Fattigdom

“Rapporten tegner ikke et billede af kontanthjælpsmodtagere, der har det fint med at nasse på de offentlige kasser. Langtfra. Derimod viser den et hæsligt billede af fattigdom som en bitter blanding af afsavn, skam, selvbebrejdelse, isolation, mindreværd og selvmordstanker.” Sådan

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Dominic will attend two days of meetings in Geneva, Switzerland on 23rd to 24th April. These meetings are hosted by the Oak Foundation and call together leading environmental foundations from across Europe for the purpose of setting new goals for

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Winning the future. Read about it.
“In 100 years – starting now” is an on-going conversation about long-term preferred futures for sustainable societies. It started as a one year project developed and facilitated by House of Futures and supported by the VELUX FOUNDATION. A Core Group of high profile Danish experts followed the project and a number of other collaborators were involved in the making. Read more at

House of Futures is a member of The Association of Professional Futurists, a growing community of professional futurists dedicated to promoting professional excellence and demonstrating the value of futures thinking.

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