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INVITATION Midt i maj, når trærnes skygger begynder at bevæge sig dybt ind i de lange lyse aftener, inviteres du til her at opleve to performances i Søndermarken: Til ‘FORTÆLLINGER I KILDEGROTTEN’, hvormed Inga Gerner Nielsen initierer en fælles fortællende

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KINSKI – avantgarde cinema and performance art on the Danish countryside

At House of Futures we are well aware that visions for the future and ideas on overcoming demographic, ecological or national/international political challenges are not always created in strategic planning sessions. No, very concrete visions of the future will sometimes

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Embodying Science in The Silver Frame

THE SILVER FRAME: At Science in the City The Silver Frame, developed by the performance artist, Michael Richard will unfold as an artistic basis for dialogue about the room and the way objects, bodies and knowledge behave and transform within

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One-to-one performance

Started by letting embassy applicants chose three out of a series of photos, which felt to have some kind of resonance in them. Based on this composition, we then performed a choreography experimenting with different objects, red and baby blue

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The Embassy is back

The Embassy of Untrue Reality Dark Questions Matter – Rutuel Papillion By Club de la Faye 3-4/10 2013 We had the pleasure of housing The Embassy of Untrue Reality in The Fictional State of Mind in 2012 now its manifested

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Winning the future. Read about it.
“In 100 years – starting now” is an on-going conversation about long-term preferred futures for sustainable societies. It started as a one year project developed and facilitated by House of Futures and supported by the VELUX FOUNDATION. A Core Group of high profile Danish experts followed the project and a number of other collaborators were involved in the making. Read more at

House of Futures is a member of The Association of Professional Futurists, a growing community of professional futurists dedicated to promoting professional excellence and demonstrating the value of futures thinking.

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