The Embassy is back

The Embassy of Untrue Reality Dark Questions Matter – Rutuel Papillion By Club de la Faye 3-4/10 2013 We had the pleasure of housing The Embassy of Untrue Reality in The Fictional State of Mind in 2012 now its manifested again. This time in Bremen as part of the Explosive festival“Become a citizen of the Embassy of Untrue Reality and explore the fictional state of mind. Club de la Faye

Velvet State

Fiction Pimps at the Roskilde festival 2013 – manifesting The Velvet State – Inhabitants of an emerging Sensuous society The performance was developed in a dialogue between Fiction Pimps (DK) and Collective Unconscious (UK), and directed by Inga Gerner Nielsen. Simon Hjermind Jensen from SHJWORKS (DK) was the architect behind the concept and the design of the building. Photos by Jesper Hyuk Larsen   The Velvet State – Press:  Roskilde Festival

West Coast Desire

I am currently living in Los Angeles in a small sublet in Venice spending quiet days sitting, writing and looking out through the window blinds at palm trees, crows and seagulls. I am online, and constantly communicating with the other Fiction Pimps back home. Like many times before, we have started feeding the process of calling out a new imaginary world with inspiration: Twirling blue veins, a velvet heart chamber,