Gry Worre Hallberg

Gry Worre Hallberg, Partner Sensuous society, universe design, evoking new visions, mindset-shifting, staging transitions, performance art and design, aesthetics and poetry, research and analysis, movements. Fiction Pimp, lecturer and performance artist. Operate in the intersection of performance art, research, activism and future studies. Currently works on the project The Sensuous Society: Beyond economic rationality – Suggesting a sensuous mode of being in the world as the outset of a new paradigm going beyond economic rationality. For many years she has aimed at enriching environments with an aesthetic dimension through the use of performance art, universe design and ‘fiction pimping’. She is the co-founder of a range of organizations and movements within the field of performance art applied in a series of different everyday-life contexts, not at least the streets, among them Fiction Pimps (recent project: The Velvet State), Sisters Hope (ongoing project: Sisters Academy), Club de la Faye, Staging Transitions and The Poetic Revolution. She has completed several projects, articles and publications on intervening and relational performance art and new societies. Besides her performance art-practice Gry has a MA in Theatre- and Performance Studies, with a minor in Cultural Economy and Aesthetic Leadership, and is also an Associate at RUC, Roskilde University Center, DK, in Performance Design. Gry is the head curator of the Dome of Visions and is curating the performance-art program at the Roskilde Festival. m: +45 26247734 e: s: gryworrehallberg w: