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The Boarding School har åbnet sine døre

Gode stemninger på Inkonst. Frem til 20. september 2015 er kunst- og kulturhuset Inkonst i det centrale Malmø omdannet til en kostskole. Bag initiativet står Sisters Academy, og lederen af skolen, Gry Worre Hallberg, har etableret The Boarding School for

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Chora Connection

Chora Connection is a new platform with the vision of creating a resilient and sustainable society. It is based on the center assessment process “In 100 Years – starting now. Reworking sustainability and growth”. “They can’t have it, and we

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Dome of Visions – en hyldest til det midlertidige

“Stadsarkitekten har med stor entusiasme fulgt med i det aftryk Dome of Visions har sat på Aarhus […]. Et midlertidigt stykke arkitektur der har dannet ramme om konference og debatter for alle fagfolk i branchen. Bygningen har stillet relevante spørgsmålstegn

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The Future is now – come and see!

Over the last couple of months a large transparent dome that functions as a greenhouse has appeared on Krøyers Plads, Christianshavn. Inside you will find a two-storey house with open windows and doors in the midst of an embracing garden

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The first days of the Year 2112 exhibition

Year 2112 the exhibition at byens hegn/gammel strand is based on the futures studies project “in 100 years – starting now” that during 2011-2012 engaged 170 experts and visionaries within the field of sustainability. Read more at The exhibition

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Winning the future. Read about it.
“In 100 years – starting now” is an on-going conversation about long-term preferred futures for sustainable societies. It started as a one year project developed and facilitated by House of Futures and supported by the VELUX FOUNDATION. A Core Group of high profile Danish experts followed the project and a number of other collaborators were involved in the making. Read more at

House of Futures is a member of The Association of Professional Futurists, a growing community of professional futurists dedicated to promoting professional excellence and demonstrating the value of futures thinking.

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