Dominic will attend two days of meetings in Geneva, Switzerland on 23rd to 24th April. These meetings are hosted by the Oak Foundation and call together leading environmental foundations from across Europe for the purpose of setting new goals for philanthropic ventures within the current context of sustainable development. The Club of Rome will also be present in order to present and discuss the current status of “Limits to Growth”,

Hovedstads-områdets grønne vækst spring

Se billeder og download fra dagen på House of Futures flickr. Læs mere om konferencen på www.cocreateconstruction.dk Co-Create Construction: konference den 23. januar 2012. Moderator Mikael Kamber Martin Manthorpe, NCC, byder velkommen Visionerne for København v. Overborgmester Frank Jensen Klimastrategi mod 2025 v. Borgmester Thomas Lykke Pedersen, Fredensborg Kommune, tovholder for udarbejdelse af klimastrategien for de 29 kommuner i KKR Hovedstaden i samarbejde med Region Hovedstaden From house to stage

Aviation taxation under siege

U.S. airlines contest tax on carbon emisisions: BRUSSELS — When the European Union’s highest court hears arguments on Tuesday that Europe should not charge American airlines for their carbon emissions, it will be a showdown between environmental protection and cold cash. Starting Jan. 1, the union intends to expand its emissions tradingsystem to cover emissions from most flights that touch down in, or take off from, European airports. That means even foreign