Reduce but use with Aarhus – 6. juni 2012

Ordstyrer: Mikael Kamber Velkommen v. Palle Bjerre Rasmussen, sektionsdirektør, Byggeri Vest, NCC Construction Introduktion til Isbjerget v. Mikkel Frost, Cebra Ejerskab skaber vækst og kraft v. Søren Hermansen, Energiakademiet, Samsø Make more use v. Dominic Balmforth, director,, and partner, House of Futures Musik v Own Road Workshop: Bæredygtig byudvikling, Arealudvikling, Aarhus Kommune  Workshop: Kan det betale sig? Merkur, Den Almennyttige Andelskasse Workshop: Samfundet bliver elektrisk Workshop: Asfalt ”forever” NCC


Dominic will attend two days of meetings in Geneva, Switzerland on 23rd to 24th April. These meetings are hosted by the Oak Foundation and call together leading environmental foundations from across Europe for the purpose of setting new goals for philanthropic ventures within the current context of sustainable development. The Club of Rome will also be present in order to present and discuss the current status of “Limits to Growth”,

Happiness and the New Economic Paradigm

Dominic is due to attend a meeting on 2nd April 2012 at the United Nations Head Quarters in New York City on invitation from H.E. The Prime Minister of Bhutan, Mr. Jigmi Y. Thinley. The meeting’s title is “Happiness and Well-being: Defining A New Economic Paradigm”. The outcome will form part of Bhutan’s recommendations for Rio+20, which aim to replace Gross Domestic Product (GDP) with a new international measure which can gauge actual


Nearly half the CO2 emissions per capita in Denmark arises not from energy use but from our ongoing purchase of personal possessions.* These emissions comes from two problems; the materials we are using, and the way we are using them. But planet earth is not the only stock of resources. The most sustainable materials are the ones we have most of; the ones already in circulation, all man-made; base plastics, batteries,