Reduce but use with Aarhus – 6. juni 2012

Ordstyrer: Mikael Kamber Velkommen v. Palle Bjerre Rasmussen, sektionsdirektør, Byggeri Vest, NCC Construction Introduktion til Isbjerget v. Mikkel Frost, Cebra Ejerskab skaber vækst og kraft v. Søren Hermansen, Energiakademiet, Samsø Make more use v. Dominic Balmforth, director,, and partner, House of Futures Musik v Own Road Workshop: Bæredygtig byudvikling, Arealudvikling, Aarhus Kommune  Workshop: Kan det betale sig? Merkur, Den Almennyttige Andelskasse Workshop: Samfundet bliver elektrisk Workshop: Asfalt ”forever” NCC

The next big thing

As I progress further into this field I started to wonder about its nature – what business am I in? A broader look, including trendspotters and coolhunters over tech writers to policy developers, makes me realize I’m in the business of novelty. Whether it’s a new gadget or business model, changing consumption patterns or the latest development in foreign relations, it’s all driven by a relentless search for the next

Curating and The common imagination

I just read a book from a author who parallels a lot of my ideas. This made me wonder whether it meant the inner workings of our minds were similar, or that we simply drew our insights and ideas from the same sources? Gladwell has a brilliant piece objecting the notion that ideas and innovations are products of the genius of isolated minds, instead claiming them to be nascent potentials at

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