Gitte Larsen, Director and Partner Futures studies, the company of the future, sustainable business models, CSR, feminine leadership, books, and magazines. Gitte Larsen is a futurist, author and editor. Reality dreamer. Married, two girls, and has a Masters in Political Science. Worked 13 years at Copenhagen institute for Futures Studies (1996-2009), the last seven as Editor-in-chief of the award-winning magazine FO/futureorientation. Author and co-author of three books, and consultant on several others. Likes to do talks, and loves writing, editing and working on big interdisciplinary projects. Was Project Manager of “In 100 Years – starting now” supported by The VELUX FOUNDATION. Always wants to be even braver. Annoyed that we still have so few women in executive leadership and excited about a more sustainable society and the value of the company of the future. Co-founder of House of Futures in 2009 and owner of Editions. m: +45 2021 1147 e: s: gittefutures w: