Feel at home with the future. How can we call ourselves House of Futures, and yet have our office in an old, low-ceilinged grain loft in the oldest part of Copenhagen? Basicly we think nothing could be more appropriate than starting where it all began. As the seed of something new; we will plant alternative futures together with you, whenever you want us to.

Burning love! If you visit the House of Futures, just go for a walk on Magstræde. If you’re lucky, you will find a tourist guide who, with pride, will tell you the story about Hans Christian Andersen’s Tin Soldier who sailed in a ship of newspaper before he was swallowed up by the gutter and ended up in the canal. The Tin Soldier’s boat sinks in the canal, and he is swallowed by a fish. The fish is caught, sold to the cook in the Tin Soldier’s house, and suddenly he is back where he came from – and his beloved dancer, made of paper, is there still. The Tin Soldier is thrown into the stove, and his beloved little paper dancer follows him there in the breeze. That’s burning love… and we like that.

Do you see the future? If you can’t wait to see the future, have a look at the two pictures of our street, Nybrogade, from 2112 (see above). The canal and the street transformed into a scenario. If we could actually predict the future, would you dare to act upon our imaginary? This is not what working with the future is about. On the contrary, futures studies is all about anticipating preferred futures.

This is our place! Do come visit, and we will do our best to make you feel at home with the future.