there is a crack…

“We are one but we are not the same. We get to carry each other, carry each other”

This is written from the heart or from that core where unfiltered energy pour, and in a flow that doesn’t contain many breaks to reflect. This method has been chosen for two reasons. One of them being that this will enable me to actually get this done now, so that it will not flow into the ocean of amorphous ideas. And the other reason being that The Crack in itself is much about that which exists outside the structures and norms we usually work within – maybe especially in our theoretical and academically writings.

So, The Fiction Pimps, has just recently returned from The Crack that they manifested at House of Futures. They have lived and slept and worked there for the past week. As you might know by now, they had traveled there all the way from Where the Birds Go in Vertigo in the galaxy of Chora. They travel all over to manifest these Cracks in everyday life as they find of utmost importance. The sincerely and deeply work toward an everyday life where the aesthetic, that is the sensory and bodily, dimension of being and interrelating is activated, to enrich the given situations.

In The Crack of House of Futures the visionary guests were invited to go through different levels. They were welcomed in Level Kitchen, where they could find themselves tuning into another frequency – a frequency with no need to measure chronology and thereby follow its structure. A big bed covered the floor, and invited itself as an object of relaxation and contentment, while a landscape of sound embraced them. While seated or lying in the bed the guests could enjoy some the or coffee, were served sense-explordinary treasures, could watch the favorite movie of The Fiction Pimps, Barbarellah or the favorite TV-channel of The Fiction Pimps in this galaxy – The snow of a channel with no signal. Did you know that the most extraordinary patterns takes form here and that the fantasy is welcomed as a dear guest while watching it?

Level Kitchen was also the frame for the Daily Visionaries that Fiction Pimps invited in The Crack. Through dialogues with them and other important and intriguing observations in this galaxy, they, among other, discovered that the concept of measuring chronology seem to a problem in this galaxy, since it causes people to suffer. This is due to the gesture of chronology, which we found out, is the gesture of reaching. When people reach for that which is ahead, they can never be completely satisfied with the place that there are at. This was called the hunger.

Fiction Pimps have had troubles explaining what the time is like in Chora, since the time in Chora exists outside time. A Daily Visionary, though, taught them, that the time in Chora is Kairos. Kairos is the time of the moment – or of loosing sense of time in the moment even though it passes on and work it’s own sweet way through space. We learned that this is not an unusual sense of time in this galaxy, just that people need Cracks to practice it. Many talked about music, festivals, dance halls as contexts that would push them into experiencing time as Kairos.

We also discovered that the concept of The Guru seem to be a concept that cause people to suffer in this galaxy. This is due to the attachment to another person that this leads to. Which further mean the dis-attachment to oneself. Furthermore, when you declare a man or a woman good, that person can be good no more. The good person is good because he or she or it or that, is in it for the sake of the situation and the other. But when they are declared good, that good action or intention dissolves, because what they put out into the world, will point right back at them and paradoxically lead to the narcissistic act. Furthermore aesthetics are closely related to ethics. If the aesthetics are good, which we have now learned, means ‘in it for the sake of the situation or the other’, then the people involved in the aesthetics will activate their ethic apparatus and carry on the good action altruistically.

When Fiction Pimps went into the streets with their good friend and Daily Visionary The Reverend to create poetry in everyday life, sing about love, and encourage the by passers to envision and create their future now, they were stopped in their action by the law enforcement of this galaxy. Fiction Pimps thereby learned that too much structure will kill poetry.

But, well – Let’s move on to the next level.

When ready the guests where led blindfolded into the room where The Crack was experienced intensively. As our guests were told, the blindfold is one of the many tools, a Fiction Pimps and Crack Assistant can and will use, in order for the guest to dive successfully into The Crack. By entering the room a landscape of sounds and scents from Chora would meet the guests.

The first level in this room was Level Bird. Gently the guest was seated in a comfortable and warm chair covered in the finest lambskin. Their hands were washed in temperate water enriched with the oils and soaps of Chora. While a film containing this introductory text was played:

“You have now entered The Crack. Welcome. Here you will find yourself in the aesthetic dimension of experience. We ask of you to let your self become enriched by it’s different techniques to set you in deeper state of mind.

We, the Fiction Pimps, have traveled here all the way from the city Where the Birds Go in Vertigo in the galaxy of Chora that exists outside time and space.

Now, focus – Look into my eyes…

Now you are ready to enter Level Bird

Pick the ball of your personal choice. Look closely, this choice is important and will influence the future. What does you fingers tell you? What does your kidney tell you? What does what does what does what does…

When you have picked the ball of your personal choice, place the delightfully yellow ball in the warm balm of your right hand.

Now, close your eyes – focus!

Now, you will do something that is very important. You will not write a question, you will write an answer. I repeat: You will not write a question, you will write an answer. You will write it on the ball. When you are finished, take the ball to the birdcage.

Thank you for your participation, your answer will be processed into the stream of human consciousness and contribute to the making of the future in the present.

When you have done this you may proceed to the next level.”

Once we, the Fiction Pimps, had ensured that the guest had understood the instructions the blindfold was removed, and the guest was gently asked to write an answer on the soft yellow ball – when ready it goes without saying. As instructed, the ball was then passed on to a birdcage in the middle of the room containing all the answers of previous guests. Thereby the answer of each individual guest was processed in to the spiral of human consciousness.

We observed that our guest took time and waited for the right moment to write and process the answer. It was as if the scents, the sounds, the gentle touches and slow movements of The Crack led the guests to dive into a mode where the chronology of the everyday was actually escaped, and another flow of energy and task management enforced. This also meant that the journey to each new level in The Crack wasn’t rushed, and therefore could take amounts of time – Kairos time, the time concept of Chora, was activated.

When ready the guest moved on to the next level in The Crack – Level Dream. At this level the guests were invited to lay themselves softly on the solid ground. This ground, though, was as the chair of the former level, covered with the finest lambskin and pillows of rosy and peachy flowers in the most delicate satin.

When laid a Fiction Pimp would whisper softly into the ear of the guest: “We invite you to envision the image you want to give to Chora while you travel in your dreams. This image will be send to Chora and as the answers contribute to the spiral of human consciousness. An option is to think of a vision for the future, that is important to you, and that you want to contribute with to Chora and the spiral. Now close your eyes while this visionary and Crack Assistant of this fine earth in this galaxy of The Milky Way will guide you through your dreams”.

The guest was then provided with an audio device that contained small speakers, which were charily placed in their ears. Through the earphones the guest would then perceive the sound of a choir of Peruvian Shamans.

When asking the guests to open their eyes after this journey into their dreams, we, the Fiction Pimps, were amazed and moved by the beauty, vulnerability and depth in these human eyes. Their dreams had been opened and hearts and spirits moved – The unknown was moving – Moved by the guests.

In this state of total presence and openness, most of them were ready to move to the next level – Level Image.

At Level Image the guests seated themselves on the ground, once again cuddled in the most delightful lambskin. Piles of books full of images offered themselves to the guests. They were invited to cut, collect and glue, match and envision their images. As they knew these images would be sent to Chora and processed in to the spiral of human consciousness they put the utmost skill in to the production of them. The images illustrated their dreams, visions, hopes and inner state of being at this level.

At Level Image they were also offered the most delicate brandy and other taste sensory treats. A lot of guests meditated over all the images produced by people that have passed and lived through The Crack, all the time with the landscape of sounds of water, wind, birds – the sounds of Chora – as a meditative background of comfort and disturbance.

Gently a Fiction Pimp would at a certain point in time that seemed right ask them: “Are you ready to move on to the next level – Level Question?”.

Level Question was the last Level of room of The Crack. The guests were invited to take their time and space to think of a question, that they would like an answer to. This question was obviously very important … … … … … … … … When ready the guests would receive a leaf of a pink sugar rose with a piquant drop of the finest liqueur. This led to an explosion of taste and flavor and prepared the guest for the asking of the question. “Are you ready to ask your question?” a Fiction Pimp would say. If the answer from the guest was positive, he or she was led to the birdcage to pick the answer of his or her personal choice.

As you might remember the answers from the guests of The Crack was initially put in this very same birdcage, which mean, that every guest in The Crack would both give an answer to and receive an answer from the birdcage. Many guest were deeply touched to the answers the received, and have referred to them in the documenting and reflective dialogue we took with them, once they left the room of The Crack. Also we have observed that these answers have been communicated and led to conversation on the virtual social communication devices of this galaxy, such as Facebook.

As ‘the right moment’ is an important guideline for us, the Fiction Pimps, we as it is always the case waited for this moment to appear. Once it illuminated the guest was placed in a chair covered in the finest lambskin. The letters, the words, the sentence of the answer was written with in ink with a paintbrush on the inner side of the lower arm. This act can create chills and goose spots of pleasure, as the somatic senses are activated and utterly engaged. Once again the guest would furthermore receive a leaf of a sugar rose dipped in the finest sweet liqueur. This would be placed on a delicate and elegant hand mirror from previous times in this galaxy of The Milky Way, resulting in the guest being invited to mirror his or her own image as the act was taking place.

“Now, take your time to reflect on the answer you have received” the Fiction Pimp would encourage the guest through a whisper.

Some guests sat and looked into the air, or somewhere in them selves, others observed the ceremonies in the room, yet others went into a dialogue with a Fiction Pimp more Fiction Pimps or other Crack Assistants or visionaries in the room. A microphone in the daintiest design was at times handed to the guest at this stage, and he or her would share their thoughts, dreams, hopes and visions through this audio sound device. In these dialogues we learned a lot of interesting and intriguing things about this galaxy, and once again we must take a moment to thank you all for this.

When the guests felt content, filled, ready, they could now leave the room of The Crack. Though, we observed that many guests wanted to stay. When asked why, they responded, that they were not ready to be sucked into the measurement of Chronology yet.

Now, the constant exercise for us, the Fiction Pimps, as Crack Assistants, is to hold on to that sensuous and poetic mode of being and being together, even though we are meet by the measurement of chronology, the structure of the authority headquarters, the declaration of being good and other constitutions that can cause people to suffer and reach and stay unsatisfied with what is here right now at this moment when we are here, together. This would then also be the exercise of the guests leaving the room of The Crack – To hold on to that poetic and sensuous sensation and go out there, into their world and create cracks in their everyday life.

We, the Fiction Pimps, wanted to remind all the beautiful people of this fine city of Copenhagen of this – To encourage them to hold on to these teachings also when we, the Fiction Pimps, have traveled back to Chora, the galaxy from where we originate.

Therefore we took the birdcage full of wise and utterly important answers, created from the heart, body, mind and spirit of the fair guests that have gone through The Crack – Each and everyone of them being extraordinary and explordinary visionaries, and each and everyone of them having examined their deep selves before these answers were processed in to the spiral of human consciousness.

On the wet streets of Copenhagen under the rainy skies we, among other, encountered and shared answers with the bride and her followers of an Indian wedding, the little people covered in their carriages, Gypsy Men with golden teeth and a young waiter with dapper butterfly around his neck.

Answers were also poured back into the watery flow of life in the great fountain of The Birds – Where the Birds Go…

With Love,
Fiction Pimps

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