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 The magazine ISSUES is created from a desire to share our inspiration, passion and commitment with you. We’re happy to hear from readers:

“Godt gået. Vi har brug for et sådant forum.” Karen Blincoe, Director, ICIS.

“This is outstanding. I’ve only looked through this issue this morning, but will read it in detail tonight.” Verne Wheelwright, Ph.D., Personal Futures Network

“The magazine really is great and the design is so contemporary and ‘edgy’.” Marilyn Davison, work place mediator coaching virtual teams and entrepreneurs 

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Jeg blev tændt. Var det ‘bare’ en tryksag på en kaffebar. Nej, ISSUES 1 er et kosmopolitisk magazine, der rammer en resonans i en forretningsmand med inklination til kunstnerisk intuition. Respekt for lækkert emnevalg.
mvh, Henrik Tommerup
VP bus.development
ViroGates A/S

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