ISSUES 2 er nu online

ISSUES 2 summing up the project is now online. Read more about the magazine and the content. April 19. 16.00-18.30 Launch of ’issues 2’ It’s 160 pages about sustainable development in a 100 year perspective. 170 visionaries took part in the one year process of framing the two preferred future scenarios towards 2112. Come by and have a drink and your own free copy. Read more about the project ‘In100Years

Future out of sight

From the Labyrinth of lost and found futures. This comment is from our December Newsletter – you can find the whole letter to the right. For not so long ago, it seemed as though almost any company and organization had lost the future – at least out of sight. In a time of crisis everybody tend to stick to yesterdays comfort zones and winning strategies. Short term thinking may be a survival

It’s all about being in good company …

House of Futures (HOF) holder hof den 15/10 fra kl. 13-17 og igen fra kl. 20.00-24.00. Temaet for arrangementet er “Lost Futures”, og når HOF holder hof tager vi imod dig, som var du prins, prinsesse, konge eller dronning. Just join in and let’s be movers and shakers of this world together.       ISSUES – det magasin, vi udgiver – havde i april i år “Move the unknown” som tema og blev