Dome of Visions

Introducing a new project that House of Futures is a part of – Dome of Visions The city is filled with temporary spaces – Construction sites, abandoned places and areas where life between the buildings is not yet vibrating. At the same time it is one of the biggest challenges to optimize the use of energy in new and in existing buildings and to minimize use of materials. :- The

In100Y – published in the states

December-nummeret af Utne Reader (“The best of the alternative press”) bringer vores artikel “Power of Nature”. Det er det ene af de to scenarier, vi udarbejdede som en del af House of Futures-projektet “In 100 years – starting now”. Og ja, stod det til os, skulle de også have bragt det andet scenarie, “Man-made world”. En af de vigtige ideer med at arbejde med scenarier er netop, at der er flere end et –

The first days of the Year 2112 exhibition

Year 2112 the exhibition at byens hegn/gammel strand is based on the futures studies project “in 100 years – starting now” that during 2011-2012 engaged 170 experts and visionaries within the field of sustainability. Read more at The exhibition highlights two scenarios for sustainable futures: “Man Made World” and “Power of Nature”. Take a stroll down gl. strand and vote for the future you want.